Für den PADI Tec Basic Kurs gibt es keine deutschsprachigen Handbücher. Für den akademischen Teil der Ausbildung sind daher ausreichende Englischkenntnisse erforderlich. Unser Informationstext ist daher auch in Englischer Sprache gehalten.

DSAT (Diving Science and Technology) the technical diving arm of PADI has decided to allow scuba divers a wonderful experience into Tech diving. The PADI system of teaching diving is superb with excellent support materials and step by step easing the diver in to the course that they are taking.

The DSAT Tec Deep Diver Course is equally well supported with excellent instruction and support materials. Mermaids Dive Center, Pattaya, Thailand for a long time have been looking at a “twin set’ orientation course to allow a recreational diver used to single tank diving a chance to experience twins (double tanks) and a sling tank. PADI / DSAT have created the perfect course by allowing recreational divers a chance to experience the first two dives of the DSAT Tec Deep Course. During this time the diver shall be come very familiar with the technical set up of technical diving equipment. The course is just 2 days long and can be used as a credit towards the full DSAT Deep Tec Divers Course any time in the future. (A refresher of the 1st 2 dives is recommended if not taken very soon after training).

Course Overview:

The course is designed to be a bridge from PADI courses to DSAT courses providing recreational divers an opportunity to gain exposure to tec diving and learn and practice entry level tec diving skills. It introduces recreational divers to tec diving without them having to make the larger commitment (in terms of equipment, time and cost) of the DSAT Tec Deep course. PADI Tec Basics dive scope is within recreational limits, using segments from DSAT Tec Deep 1.

Likewise, this diver specialty course may be credited toward DSAT Tec Level 1. In addition, the dive course provides DSAT Instructors a recognition level for students who choose not to continue their technical training.

Diver Prerequisites:

  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or qualifying prerequisite certification. PADI Rescue Diver or equivalent is recommended.
  • PADI Enriched Air Diver or qualifying prerequisite certification.
  • 18 Years of age.

The Tec Deep instructor reserves the right to accept or decline a Tec Deep student based on their knowledge of the divers abilities and personal character / maturity./p>

Student Equipment Requirements:

The student tec diver shall have the same equipment as tec divers taking the full course with just a couple of exceptions – the tec dive equipment is supplied with the course:
  • High capacity single cylinder with Y or H valve. Twins with dual manifold and isolator valve are recommended.
  • SPG
  • Harness with shoulder and rigid hip D-rings.
  • BCD – wings (redundant buoyancy is not required for this course, however, dive students should be made aware that redundant buoyancy device is required for Tec Diver 1.
  • Primary and secondary regulators – primary regulator must have a seven foot / two meter hose for air sharing.
  • Dive Computer
  • Appropriate Exposure Suit
  • Weight System
  • Reel
  • Knife / cutting device
  • Slate
  • Compass
  • Lift Bag

Required Student Materials:DSAT Tec Deep Diver Manual – this is possibly one of the best support materials a diver course has. The DSAT Tec Deep Manual is thorough is working it’s way methodically through the equipment and all other aspects of dive planning required for the course.

Course Overview: The Tec Deep basics involves 4 dives. 2 confirmed water dives and 2 open water dives. The maximum dive depth during the course is 24 meters (80 feet).

Academic Content: The Dive student must read chapters one and two in the Tec Deep Diver manual and complete the Knowledge Reviews for each. This may be done as pre-study as is recommended.

Cost: 13,000 Thai baht for the course – 3,000 baht for the Tec Deep Manual. The total is 16,000 Thai baht and this works as a credit if the diver wishes to extend to the full DSAT Tec Deep Diver Level 1 Course.

Students should sign the PADI Enriched Air Diver release and complete the standard RSTC Medical form.